Why 29and90

Our job is to know the ins, outs, ups, downs, back and front of marketing. We coordinate it all to build personalities through branding,
bring ideas into reality through a love for print, and develop engaging experiences through web design. And it's all done to help you

build loyal relationships with your audience that will last for years to come.


Today's consumers are sophisticated, and have high expectations when it comes to brand experience.
As entrenched as we are in technology, marketing cannot just focus on digital tactics to be truly successful.


Because of the numerous (sometimes overwhelming!) marketing opportunities out there, we take a more holistic, adaptive approach that connects
your brand with real customers while driving business results through a thoughtful (all be it purposeful) blend of strategy, creative, technology, and analysis.


It's all in the touch.

Every touch point a consumer encounters needs to speak to your brand's value, establish trust among your consumers, and tell a cohesive (sincere) story. 

 Salesforce estimates that an individual will encounter 6-8 touches before converting to a qualified lead. That includes websites, social media, emails, presentations, brochures, ads, and everything in between. Your customers expect seamless transitions between every last one of them.

We will help you provide that for them.